About Us

My name is Kayla I am the owner of The Clothesline Boutique!I 
Also meet Wannabeonya, Mrs. Weeman & Dirty Boob Deb they are employees here at The Clothesline.  Ask me about their names sometime!
Of course I have a love for clothing, jewelry & shopping in general but I also love to go camping, I love food it is truly my love language, I love coffee & I love being a wife and a mother. I have a crazy busy life but I wouldn't have it any other way!  My husband owns a business and I work for him part time and I work for my kids full time so I always have something to do! 
Sometimes though life get monotonous being a stay at home mom no matter how busy you are.  A time came in my life where I had reached the lowest of lows, I was bored, I felt like I didn't have a purpose and I decided one day to do something about it and I am so glad I did! I have finally found what I am passionate about.  And it's not even the clothes or the jewelry that I am passionate about I realized it is serving people.  The look on a women's face when she puts a top on that makes her feel beautiful is the reason I do this.
I launched The Clothesline in 2018.  My goal was to bring women clothing that was #1 affordable #2 comfortable and #3 but most important I wanted to bring women clothing that made style easy.  As a wife and mother of 3 I don't have time to be "stylish".  A cute top, comfy jeans & some accessories is totally my jam!  I hand pick each item that comes into The Clothesline.  After having 3 kiddos & my love for tacos I don't like anything form all so you won't find any short shorts, belly shirts or form fitted anything around here. 
My philosophy when buying for the boutique is if I wouldn't pay that or I wouldn't wear it I don't carry it.
 I have a mad, deep, and true love for turquoise.  My heart is turquoise and as far as I'm concerned it is the only color in the color wheel besides black (and black is a shade not a color ya whatever). I carry TONS and I mean TONS of turquoise jewelry.  I try to carry other styles & colors of jewelry try being the key word.  I host a Turquoise Tuesday live jewelry sale once a month at 8:30 so if your heart beats turquoise too join me! 
That is pretty much all.  I am human I am just like you. This is a place for you to feel comfortable, a place for you to not be judged for your style or your body type.  I am here to make you feel the best version of you! 
Look around I hope you like what you find!  I know shopping online can be hard but I am here to help! I promise I will always be honest about how products fit, how they feel, if they run small or big so don't be afraid to ask!
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