Mango Papaya Large Soy Melts

Mango Papaya Large Soy Melts

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Our highly fragranced Soy Wax Melts are a great way to enjoy The Clothesline fragrances without the flame!  Unlike candles, they contain no wick and are not burned, just warmed.  Our brick is larger than most others having 6 wax cubes (1oz ea.).  

FRAGRANCE: A sweet and tart mango infused with a juicy papaya to create an exotic aroma of the islands. (Body Safe)

Approximate fragrance time: 12 hrs per cube  |  Weight: 6 oz  |  Dimensions: 5" Height x 3.5" Width

Directions: Simply break a cube from the 6 piece brick and melt in your favorite warming device to add a fresh cozy farmhouse feel to any room. After you can no longer smell the fragrance simply throw the old wax once cooled into a trash can and start a new soy melt cube.

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